What is Raisin’ Cane?

Raisin’ Cane is a produce market and agri-tourism destination located about 5 miles South of Valdosta on Georgia Grown Trail 41.  The market is open to the public year-round and hosts fresh, local produce and many other food and gift items.  We are also home to Kim’s Kitchen which features fresh baked breads, chicken salad, casseroles and more.


Why are you called Raisin’ Cane?

We named our farm Raisin’ Cane because we grow a lot of sugar cane.  Every Fall we harvest our cane and make syrup.


Who is Raisin’ Cane?

Raisin’ Cane is owned by the Ken and Kim Corbett Family.  Our entire family works in some aspect of our farming operation.

Ken Corbett grew up on his families farm as a 5th generation farmer.  They mainly farmed tobacco and some vegetables.  He began farming for himself while he was in technical college gaining his electrical degree.  He married his wife Kim in 1986.  Ken Corbett Farms went from selling produce by the truckload to the local farmers market in Thomasville to shipping produce directly from their farms own packaging facility to distributors all over the Eastern United States and Canada.

Ken and Kim have 3 children that all work in some aspect of the farming operation.  Their oldest son, Justin, is the farm manager.  He oversees every aspect of planting and harvesting.  Their youngest son, Jared, is the packing facility manager.  He is in charge of packaging, cooling and shipping the produce.  Their son in law, Eric, is the sales manager of the farm.  Their daughter, Jessica, is in charge of the farm market and field trip program.

The part of the farm that is open to the public is called “Raisin’ Cane”.  Raisin’ Cane sits on 150 acres that hosts seasonal crops, a satsuma tree orchard, 2 hydroponic green houses, farm animals,  a farm market, barn and syrup shelter.  The farm opened to the public in the Fall of 2013.

The main goal of Raisin’ Cane is to educate young folks about the importance of agriculture.  Raisin’ Cane gives children the opportunity to visit an actual, working farm and to experience agriculture first hand.


What can I do at Raisin’ Cane?

Farm Market:  Our farm market is open to the public year-round.  The market host jams, jellies, nuts, honey, cane syrup and to-go food items such as casseroles, breads and pies that are prepared in the kitchen onsite.

Event Facilities: Raisin’ Cane has 3 different onsite venues that can be rented out for birthday parties, weddings and events.  Visit the “Plan Your Next Event” tab for more information.

Field Trips: Raisin’ Cane hosts over 10,000 students on school tours per year.  Visit the “Field Trip” tab for more information.

Fall Farm Activities: In the Fall, our farm hosts a 5 acre field maze, hay rides, farm animals, play area and pumpkin patch.  Visit the “Activities” tab for more information.